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Groundbreaking New Tool Allows You To
Simultaneously Test Many Aspects of Your
Online and Offline Advertisements

If you're looking for the ultimate advertising optimization and analysis sytem -- that goes way beyond what's offered by simple A/B split testing --this may be the most important message you'll ever read.

Here's why:

Standard split testing is an incredibly useful tool, but it suffers from one major limitation : you can only test one variable at a time.

That's where this free software - utilising the Taguchi Method - comes in.

This Ad Optimization software allows you to simultaneously test up to 15 different aspects of any advertisment, website, or email campaign. This is known as multi-variable (or multivariate) testing.

For example, instead of just testing "Headline A" versus "Headline B" (and having to wait until the results come in before you start to test another aspect of your adverting), you can also test up to 14 other "elements" of your advertising at the same time.

So, for example, you can rapidly - and simultanously -find :

  • the highest performing headline
  • the highest performing sub-headline
  • the highest performing opening paragraph
  • the highest performing offer
  • the highest performing price point
  • the highest performing offer
  • the highest performing layout
  • the highest performing color scheme

... and many other variables - quickly and easily establishing the optimum combination of elements that comprise your ad. This software tests over 32,000 different combinations with just a handful of test ads, shortcutting your way to the highest possible conversion rate.

You'd normally need to be a propeller-head to employ this technology ... but this script makes it dead-simple.

Doubling - or even tripling - your conversion rate is not uncommon through the application of this software.

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Please select the number of elements* in your advert that you'd like to simultaneously test :

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*an "element" is a part of your advertisement, webpage, or email that you'd like to test ... for example, a headline, an offer, a price, or a layout.